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Apr 27, 2020

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Don’t Miss These Duos

We love it when we get to work with authors twice! Take a look at all these great double features:

Lara Hogan, Demystifying Public Speaking, and Resilient Management

With Lara Hogan’s Demystifying Public Speaking and Resilient Management, find your bearings as a manager and face your fears so you can express yourself clearly and confidently.


Jeremy Keith, HTML5 for Web Designers, and Going Offline

With Jeremy Keith’s HTML5 for Web Designers and Going Offline, get up to speed with the definitive guide to HTML5 and create an ideal offline experience for every user.

Erika Hall, Just Enough Research, and Conversational Design

With Erika Hall’s Just Enough Research and Conversational Design, level up every project with just enough research and get more comfortable using language in design.

Rachel Andrew, Get Ready for CSS Grid Layout, and The New CSS Layout

With Rachel Andrew’s Get Ready for CSS Grid Layout and The New CSS Layout, get up to speed with Level 2 of the spec and harness the power of layout.

Mat Marquis, Image Performance, and JavaScript for Web Designers

With Mat Marquis’ Image Performance and JavaScript for Web Designers, make smart decisions about images to speed up your site and get the hang of JavaScript—finally!

Karen McGrane, Content Strategy for Mobile, and Going Responsive

With Karen McGrane’s Content Strategy for Mobile and Going Responsive, Plan for great content delivery, no matter the device type, and go responsive with confidence.

Ethan Marcotte, Responsive Web Design, and Responsive Design: Patterns & Principles

With Ethan Marcotte’s Responsive Web Design, Second Edition and Responsive Design: Patterns & Principles, master responsive web design, from fundamental principles and techniques to delivering the right content in the right context.

Mike Monteiro, Design Is a Job, and You’re My Favorite Client

With Mike Monteiro’s Design Is a Job and You’re My Favorite Client, kick off your next project like a pro, whether you’re a designer or hiring one.

Dan Cederholm, CSS3 for Web Designers, and Sass for Web Designers

With Dan Cederholm’s CSS3 for Web Designers and Sass for Web Designers, discover foundation-building techniques for working with CSS3 and effortlessly develop your pre-processor game through the fundamentals of Sass.