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Design Is a Job

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The Necessary Second Edition

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Design Is a Job

The first edition of this book taught you how to sell design, draw up contracts, work with clients, and navigate the business of design. And, yeah, that’s all still (mostly) there. But design has changed, and this book has changed with it. In this second edition, Mike Monteiro not only covers how to be a working designer, but also how to take care of yourself, deal with toxic workplaces, and learn to operate in a community rather than as individuals practitioners.

If you are interested in using design as a tool for good, building a more sustainable and equitable society, creating workplaces where everyone is treated with respect, and doing all of these things while still making a living, this book is for you.

Mike Monteiro

About the Author

Mike Monteiro is cofounder and design director of Mule Design, an interactive design studio whose work has been called “delightfully hostile” by The New Yorker. He’s written four books: Design Is a Job, You’re My Favorite Client, Ruined by Design, and The Collected Angers.  He’s not as smart as his wife, as brave as his daughter, or as charming as his dog. He’s pretty much given up on tech and is considering a future as a lighthouse keeper or record store owner, or maybe opening a record store in a lighthouse.