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About A Book Apart

A Book Apart is now closed.

We started ABA in 2010 with the idea to create brief books for people who want to make a better web. We are part of this community ourselves, and we wanted to read books that were relevant to our work, written by people doing the work.

Over the next 14 years we published 60 unique titles, ranging from tactical guides like HTML5 for Web Designers, Just Enough Research, and Voice Content and Usability to essential texts on citizenship in our industry, like Cross-Cultural Design, Inclusive Design Communities, and You Deserve a Tech Union. We covered big topics in a crisp, approachable format you could read over a weekend or on a short flight.

We were fortunate to work with wildly talented authors and editors to realize these titles. We prided ourselves on working closely with writers to shape and refine their point-of-view, encouraging their expertise, humor, and passion to fill the page. We sweated the tangible details too, crafting a fun yet practical paperback size—something you could easily hold or throw in your bag—in a rainbow of covers to adorn your bookshelf.

From all of us, we thank you for your support in the years since our doors opened in 2010, and importantly, for your commitment to making the tech world a better place. We are so proud of the books we’ve shared with you, and we are beyond grateful for you: a warm and inspirational community of friends, colleagues, peers, and collaborators without whom ABA would simply not have existed.

Staff & regular collaborators, through the years