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Dec 01, 2020

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The A Book Apart team is giving back by donating 10% of all profits today, for Giving Tuesday. We asked our authors to tell us about an organization they want to champion, so we could help make an impact through supporting sales of their book!

Additionally, all other books purchased from our collection today will direct 10% of all profits to the First Nations Covid19 Emergency Response efforts. This fund efficiently and swiftly distributes support to Native nonprofit organizations and tribal programs that need it most.

Find out why these organizations mean so much to our authors, and to us—and no matter which title(s) you stock up on today, know that you’re giving back.

Joseph’s House provides support to about 1,700 homeless people each year in the Troy, NY area. My mom is the volunteer coordinator for the shelter, so I know from her stories how vital the work of the shelter is, especially right now during the pandemic as we head into winter.” —Rachel Andrew

Shop The New CSS Layout or Get Ready for CSS Grid Layout, and you’ll give back to Joseph’s House.

“In Canada, Indigenous women and girls are six times more likely to be murdered than non-Indigenous women, and the number of missing girls is substantially higher—estimates say that nearly 4,000 have gone missing since the 1970s, but the true number could be impossible to establish. On top of that, Indigenous women and girls face discrimination in all aspects of work, life, and education. The Native Women’s Association of Canada works to fight this discrimination, preserve Indigenous culture and advance the well-being of all Indigenous women, girls and gender diverse people, as well as their families and communities. —Geri Coady

Shop Color Accessibility Workflows and you’ll give back to the Native Women’s Association of Canada.

“The Internet Archive is working tirelessly to preserve our collective culture. They need all the help they can get!” —Jeremy Keith

Shop HTML5 for Web Designers or Going Offline, and you’ll give back to The Internet Archive.

“There’s a measurable link between multiple social crises and low literacy, stemming from lack of access to books. I believe increasing literacy can have a major impact on our world.” —Dan Mall

Shop Pricing Design and you’ll give back to Reading Is Fundamental.

“My wife has supported this organization for a long time now, in part because it’s a worthy cause but also in part because it’s a highly effective use of funds. Not to put too fine a point on it, but they get shit done.” —David Dylan Thomas

Shop Design for Cognitive Bias and you’ll give back to Fistula Foundation.

“The US healthcare system is horrifyingly racist and sexist, and I want to support the BWHI’s efforts on behalf of the health and wellbeing of Black women and girls.” —Erika Hall

Shop Just Enough Research or Conversational Design you’ll give back to the Black Women’s Health Imperative.

“I like organizations that deliver money directly to the people who need it, especially when it’s for something as basic and necessary a human right as clean, functioning water.” —Lisa Maria Marquis

Shop Everyday Information Architecture and you’ll give back to The Human Utility.

MIRA is a New England-based organization that advocates for my neighbors in immigrant and refugee communities. I’ve been in awe of their work for ages, even more so over the last four years—they’ve worked in the face of terrible obstacles, ensuring vulnerable communities’ needs and rights are represented at the state and national level.” —Ethan Marcotte

Shop Responsive Web Design or Responsive Design: Patterns & Principles, and you’ll give back to the MIRA Coalition.


Scope is a disability equality organization supporting people in England and Wales. They provide practical information and emotional support when it’s most needed and campaign relentlessly to create a fairer society.” —Laura Kalbag

Shop Accessibility for Everyone and you’ll give back to Scope.

Rainbow Railroad helps LGBTQI people escape from persecution and violence. In addition to supporting individual cases, the organization monitors and responds to state-sponsored violence affecting the LGBTQI community, including in Chechnya, Egypt, Jamaica, and beyond.” —Mat Marquis

Shop JavaScript for Web Designers or Image Performance, and you’ll give back to the Rainbow Railroad.


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