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Design for Cognitive Bias

Coming in August

We humans are messy, illogical creatures who like to imagine we’re in control—but we blithely let our biases lead us astray. In Design for Cognitive Bias, David Dylan Thomas lays bare the irrational forces that shape our everyday decisions and, inevitably, inform the experiences we craft. Once we grasp the logic powering these forces, we stand a fighting chance of confronting them, tempering them, and even harnessing them for good. Come along on a whirlwind tour of the cognitive biases that encroach on our lives and our work, and learn to start designing more consciously.

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Design for Cognitive Bias

About the Author

David Dylan Thomas has given presentations on the intersection of design, bias, and social justice at TEDNYC, SXSW Interactive, Confab, LavaCon, UX Copenhagen, Artifact, and the Wharton Web Conference. His work combines more than ten years of content strategy experience in entertainment, healthcare, publishing, finance, and retail with a deep understanding of bias cultivated by researching and producing over a hundred episodes of The Cognitive Bias Podcast. Learn more about his talks and ideas at daviddylanthomas.com.

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