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Jul 27, 2022

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Promotional image showing 3 different starter packs (Design Business, Human-centered design, and Design Process) with colorful design books in each pack.

Deepen your design skills with starter packs: thoughtfully curated collections with the exact books you need to develop your professional skills. Check out a few of our bestselling starter packs below. 

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Create a truly human-centered web that supports users throughout their entire journey, successfully welcome new users and authentically entice them to keep coming back, and learn how to make digital systems feel less robotic and more humane—with the Human-Centered Design starter pack. This pack includes: SEO for Everyone, Better Onboarding, and Conversational Design.

Fundamentally change the way content works on your team, communicate your vision and get better project results every time, put every project on the right path with essential discovery practices, and work with designers who will challenge you to make your product the best it can be—with the Design Business starter pack. This pack includes: Presenting Design Work, Practical Design Discovery, Pricing Design and You’re My Favorite Client.

Build purposeful design systems that support and strengthen your team’s creativity, put every project on the right path with essential discovery practices, start doing good research faster than you can plan your next pitch, and learn why navigating the business of design is just as important as the craft of it—with the Design Process starter pack. This pack includes: Expressive Design Systems, Just Enough Research, Practical Design Discovery, and Design is a Job.

Save 15% when you buy a starter pack! Discount applied at checkout (no code needed).

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