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Find Your Path with a Starter Pack

May 27, 2022

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Looking to expand your career or develop a specific skillset? We’ve designed just the thing to help you do that! Meet Starter Packs: creatively curated collections full of exactly what you need to read, to get where you want to go in your career. Which starter pack is right for you? Browse a few of our best-sellers!


COMPASSIONATE DESIGN shows you how to design a better world for everyone. Create kinder, more intentional and accessible design with these five titles: Design for Safety, Design for Cognitive Bias, Cross-Cultural Design, Design for Real Life, Designing for Emotion.

CAREER GROWTH supports you to take up space in a way that’s right for you. Learn how to present your work and yourself, own your expertise, and step up to more possibility with these three titles: You Should Write a Book, Presenting Design Work, and Demystifying Public Speaking.

COLLABORATIVE DESIGN helps you build stronger, more effective collaboration with colleagues and clients. Contribute your best ideas and develop relationships that blossom with these four Practical Pair Programming, Expressive Design Systems, Practical Design Discovery, and You’re My Favorite Client.


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