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Erika Hall Conversational Design

Get to know the human interface and learn why conversation is the best model for creating more human-centered design.

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How do we make digital systems feel less robotic and more real? Whether you work with interface or visual design, front-end technology, or content design, learn why conversation is the best model for creating device-independent, human-centered systems. Research and information design expert Erika Hall explains what makes an interaction truly conversational and how to get more comfortable using language in design. From understanding the human interface, to effectively using the power of personality, to getting it all done, you’ll find out how the art of communication can elevate technology.

Topics Covered

  • The Human Interface
  • Principles of Conversational Design
  • The Principles in Practice
  • The Power of Personality
  • Getting it Done

This book cuts through the fluff and buzzwords to get straight to the point. Take Erika’s succinct lessons to heart and you’ll be a better designer, writer, and technologist.

Daniel Burka
Director of product and design at Resolve to Save Lives
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Building trust through conversational interfaces is likely one of the most important skills today’s digital specialists can have. Success depends on laser-focused, audience-facing word choice, and expert Erika Hall shows you how it’s done. Conversational Design is an absolute must-read for designers, developers, and content strategists alike.

Kristina Halvorson
Author of Content Strategy for the Web
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If you create digital products, Erika has a lot to teach you about integrating content, structure, and tone into a single, compelling experience. Good aesthetics may attract our attention, but it’s great conversation that makes us fall in love!

Kim Goodwin
Author of Designing for the Digital Age
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Erika Hall

About the Author

Erika Hall has been a design consultant since the late twentieth century. She is the cofounder of Mule Design Studio and specializes in helping clients ask the hard questions and work better together to find the answers. Erika speaks and writes about topics that challenge the conventional wisdom of the field to encourage designers to think more deeply about the implications of their work. Her other book is Just Enough Research. She can be found far too often on Twitter as @mulegirl and cohosts the podcast Voice of Design. Erika likes dogs and bicycles.

Product Details

  • ISBN: 978-1-952616-30-3
  • Paperback: 130 pages
  • Published: Mar 6, 2018

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