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Reading Recs That Make a Splash

Jul 13, 2023

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Wireframing for Everyone, Immersive Content and Usability, The Business of UX Writing, You Should Write a Book, Resilient Management, and Just Enough Research book covers in a row.

☀️ Summer Reading Recs

Who says reading professional books should only happen at your desk? Not us! It’s summer here at HQ, and as much as we love reading while we’re in getting-things-done mode, we find it’s even more enjoyable to grab a book and some sunscreen, and head outside!

To get you started, we’ve gathered a short list of ABA’s favorite summer reads. Whether you pick a recent release or a best seller, we hope we inspire you to find the perfect spot for R&R (reading and relaxation, of course).

  • Wireframing for Everyone. What dream will you sketch into reality, once you know how to wireframe?
  • Immersive Content and Usability. Immerse yourself in the joy of going to the library or finding a seat on a stoop to read.
  • The Business of UX Writing. Get down to the business of seeking out an excellent, distraction-free spot to read.
  • You Should Write a Book. You should also take a break to look up at the clouds between chapters, whenever you please.
  • Resilient Management. Don’t forget to fill your energetic (and literal) cup. Preferably with a bevvy from your favorite cafe! Skip the to-go cup; take some time to sit and read a while.
  • Just Enough Research. How might you get just enough work done so you can go read (or play) for the rest of the day?


🎧 Listen Up

If you’re looking for something to listen to—instead of read—while you soak up the sun or lounge in the shade, our friend and author Aarron Walter has a podcast you’ve got to tune into. Aarron and cohost Eli Woolery explore creative collaboration, design, and innovation with the blue flame thinkers. Check out a few of our favorite episodes of the Design Better podcast—and subscribe wherever you like to listen:

  • John Maeda talks about his role at Microsoft, what’s most misunderstood about AI, and his optimistic take on what the future holds for designers who embrace these new tools. ▶️ Listen ➜
  • Judy Wert and her son (and colleague) Daniel Wert discuss recent—and ongoing—tech layoffs, and strategies for dealing with changes in your own career when the environment is as difficult as it is right now. ▶️ Listen ➜
  • Felecia Hatcher talks about the perpetual growth and achievement across her career, what she learned bootstrapping her ice cream business from her parent’s backyard to Fortune 500 clients, and how her entrepreneurial experiences shape the way she advises and mentors students and entrepreneurs. ▶️ Listen ➜