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Wireframing for Everyone

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Wireframing for Everyone

Many UX techniques fall apart in the real world of overflowing backlogs, two-week sprints, and stubborn stakeholders. Yet wireframing persists, despite its much-anticipated demise. Wireframes are fast and easy to make, can be created and understood by anyone, and function as both creative ideation and practical communication tools.

Leaning on decades of collective experience, Michael Angeles, Leon Barnard, and Billy Carlson show us how to use low-fidelity design to generate ideas, encourage feedback, and involve everyone in the process. This approachable book also harnesses wireframing to demystify UI design, so that anyone can join in creating successful digital products.

Michael Angeles

About the Authors

Michael Angeles has been an interface designer at Balsamiq since 2012. He has published articles and spoken at conferences on the topic of wireframing for product design. He created the IA Slash and Konigi blogs on interface design, and served as advisor and cofounder of the Information Architecture Institute.

Leon Barnard

Leon Barnard leads the education team at Balsamiq. He uses his extensive experience as a UX designer to teach user interface design basics and wireframing to an audience of mostly non-designers via the Balsamiq Wireframing Academy. He loves helping people and technology get along better together.

Billy Carlson

Billy Carlson is a design educator at Balsamiq, where he helps new and non-designers learn best practices for all phases of user interface and digital product design. He teaches university-level UX and design thinking courses, and, as a designer since 2005, he’s worked on myriad products and led large UX teams at various organizations.