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Work with Purpose

Aug 18, 2023

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Red You Deserve a Tech Union, turquoise Inclusive Design Communities, brown Design Is a Job, and blue Design for Cognitive Bias book covers on a multicolored background.

How can we make a more intentional, equitable impact with our work? We’re approaching a time of year that often signals a return to school, a renewed energy for our daily work, or a pause for reflection. This moment has many of us asking ourselves: How might we build more solidarity in tech? How can we create more inclusive learning environments and workplaces? How can we use our skills to care for ourselves and others? What will we accomplish once we harness our biases for good?

Maybe you’re asking yourself the same questions—and we hope our books will serve as resources to help you find the answers.


If you’re wondering where to start when it comes to unionizing, immerse yourself in You Deserve a Tech Union. In his newest book, Ethan Marcotte weaves together extensive research and insights from tech workers with real-world union-building experience—to outline the process for forming a union of your very own.

If you’re developing your capacity to support better inclusivity practices, check out Inclusive Design Communities. In Sameera Kapila’s guidebook, you’ll learn to notice subconscious bias, interrogate your values, and actively create welcoming spaces for all—from classroom environments to hiring practices to conferences.

If you’re interested in creating more sustainable and conscientious work, pick up a copy of Mike Monteiro’s essential update on his instant classic: Design Is a Job. Learn not just how to be a working designer, but also how to take care of yourself, deal with toxic workplaces, and learn to operate in a community rather than as an individual practitioner.

If you’re ready to stop letting your biases lead you astray, you’ll find encouragement in Design for Cognitive Bias—as David Dylan Thomas lays bare the irrational forces that shape our everyday decisions and, inevitably, inform the experiences we craft. Come along on a whirlwind tour of the cognitive biases that encroach on our lives and our work, and learn to start designing more consciously.