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June is Audiobook Appreciation Month!

Jun 07, 2018

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June is Audiobook Appreciation Month and we’ve got some exciting audiobook updates for you!

Available Now

Did you know that Mike Monteiro’s Design Is a Job audiobook is available on Audible right now? It has all the helpful tips found in the book, which you get to hear directly from the author himself. Listen to a clip of one of our favorite bits from Chapter 7, then treat yourself to the whole book so you can enjoy the rest.

More Audiobooks Coming Soon

Three more of your favorite ABA books will soon be available in audiobook form! Laura Kalbag has been tucked away in her home studio—which, admittedly, doubles as a wardrobe—recording the Accessibility for Everyone audiobook. Conversational Design and Just Enough Research by Erika Hall, are also in production. We know we’re not alone in our excitement to listen to all three!

We don’t have release dates for you quite yet, but they’re on the way in 2018! If you just can’t wait, both books are available in paperback and ebook today.

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