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Tim Brown Flexible Typesetting

Explore the complex, beautiful world of typesetting with Tim Brown.

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For the first time in hundreds of years, because of the web, the role of the typographer has changed. We no longer decide; we suggest. We no longer simply choose typefaces, font sizes, line spacing, and margins; we prepare and instruct text to make those choices for itself. In this book, Tim Brown illuminates the complex, beautiful world of typesetting—arguably the most important part of typography because it forms the backbone of the reading experience—and shows us how to parry the inevitable pressures that arise when we can no longer predict how, and where, our text will be read.

Topics Covered

  • What Is Typesetting?
  • Preparing Text and Code
  • Selecting Typefaces
  • Shaping Text Blocks
  • Crafting Compositions
  • Relieving Pressure

With a refreshing clarity found throughout Flexible Typesetting, Tim Brown explains what’s important in setting type for the web, but also why and how it’s important. Brown shows us techniques to make sites clearer and more successful—not just front and center, but behind the scenes as well.

Tobias Frere-Jones
Founder of Frere-Jones Type
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Just when I thought the world didn’t need another book about typesetting, Tim Brown goes and writes this approachable and useful text. Students, designers, developers, and even the most seasoned typographers will gain insights into how to set type for the web and beyond.

Amy Papaelias
Associate professor of graphic design, SUNY New Paltz and cofounder of Alphabettes.org
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As I read Tim Brown’s new book, I felt like a smart, considerate friend was expertly guiding me through some tricky topics. Tim explains even the knottiest typesetting principles with humor, kindness, and clarity. This book made me a better typesetter; what’s more, it was an absolute delight to read.

Ethan Marcotte
Author of Responsive Web Design
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Tim Brown

About the Author

Tim Brown is a designer, writer, speaker, and toolmaker focused on typography. As head of typography at Adobe, he guides product strategy, makes software, and helps people hone their typographic skills.

Tim lives and works in New York State’s beautiful Hudson Valley with his wife and college sweetheart, Eileen, their three daughters, and their dogs.

Product Details

  • ISBN: 978-1-952616-22-8
  • Paperback: 220 pages
  • Published: Jul 24, 2018

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