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New! The Business of UX Writing by Yael Ben-David

Dec 06, 2022

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The Business of UX Writing

by Yael Ben-David

UX writing is good for business, while also playing a critical role in delivering a top-notch user experience. Standing at this pivotal intersection between business goals and user needs is an awesome place to be—as long as we have the mindset, tools, and collaborators to make the most of it.

Through case studies, frameworks, and historical context, Yael Ben-David offers savvy and practical guidance to ensure our digital products support the user and the business—plus writers and designers!—all at once.

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What people are saying about The Business of UX Writing

“Yael’s expansive and engaging deep dive into the business side of UX writing isn’t just for writers crafting microcopy or stakeholders juggling revenue and results—it’s for anyone working toward a successful project. Brisk yet actionable, data-driven yet down-to-earth, The Business of UX Writing is essential to every UX practitioner’s shelf.”

Author of Voice Content and Usability and senior director of product strategy at Oracle

“As I turned the pages of Yael’s book, I found myself nodding nonstop (and occasionally shouting YES! to an empty room). Her words are as clear and pragmatic as the business case she makes. I look forward to the day we no longer need this book, because once and for all, it will have successfully answered the question, ‘What is the value of UX writing?’.” 

Founder of Brain Traffic and author of Content Strategy for the Web

“This book belongs in every product team's toolkit. Teams can use this book to clarify their goals, identify metrics, and define an approach that leads to interfaces that truly meet users where they are while creating business value in an ethical manner.”

Author of Conversational Design and Just Enough Research