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Lara Hogan Resilient Management

Bring your best self to any management role.

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Resilient Management, read by Lara Hogan, available from Apple and Google Play.

Finding your bearings as a manager can feel overwhelming—but you don’t have to fake it to make it, and you don’t have to go it alone. Lara Hogan shares her recipe for supporting and leading a tech team—from developing your mentoring and coaching skills, to getting comfortable with having difficult conversations, to boosting trust among teammates—while staying grounded along the way.


  1. Meet Your Team
  2. Grow Your Teammates
  3. Set Clear Expectations
  4. Communicate Effectively
  5. Build Resiliency

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What People Are Saying

  • Lara’s book pushes managers to be empathetic, thoughtful, and most of all, effective—even when the news is bad or the tasks are hard. Resilient Management is filled with frameworks, checklists, tools, and, above all, optimism for building up your team—and wow is that refreshing!

  • Many of us jump into management roles without first taking the time to reflect on who we are as leaders. Think of Lara’s book as a self-reflection guide: it’ll help you understand and harness the power of your unique perspective to grow healthy teams. Turn to Resilient Management whenever you need to make big decisions or navigate tricky conversations.

  • Lara Hogan illustrates the underlying science & psychology behind effective people management—and shares a plethora of pragmatic tools and ideas for doing it well. Resilient Management is an excellent investment whether you’re new to managing or an experienced hand. There’s something for everyone to learn.

  • Resilient Management will help any manager who wants to improve. Lara Hogan has taken the often complex concepts about people leadership, and made them digestible and actionable—a roadmap for inclusive management.

About the Author

Lara Callender Hogan is an author, public speaker, and coach for managers and leaders across the tech industry. As a founder of Wherewithall, Lara and her team run workshops, roundtables, and trainings on core management skills like delivering great feedback and setting clear expectations. Before Wherewithall, Lara spent a decade growing emerging leaders as the VP of Engineering at Kickstarter and an Engineering Director at Etsy. She champions management as a practice, building fast websites, and celebrating your achievements with donuts (and sometimes sushi).

Additional Info

  • ISBN: 978-1-937557-82-9
  • Paperback: 105 pages
  • Published: Jun 11, 2019

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