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  • Apr 14, 2022

    Get to know Rachel McConnell

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    Up next in our Meet the Author series, we’re getting to know Rachel McConnell—author of Leading Content Design. She lets us in on how she starts each day, why time might be her most precious resource, and what keeps her up at night. Read on for more.

  • Apr 06, 2022

    Meet the Team: Danielle Small

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    Next up in our Meet the Team series is Danielle Small, our incredible freelance editor. They tell us about savoring sunshine, finding great joy in caring for all things green, and keeping up with lots of hobbies like boxing, woodworking, and playing music. Read on for more.


  • Mar 29, 2022

    New! Leading Content Design by Rachel McConnell

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    Content design teams need the right conditions to thrive—but when they’re hampered by bottlenecks or putting out fires, it’s hard for them to do their best work, secure support, and grow strategically. Read on for more.


  • Mar 03, 2022

    Bookends Q&A: Katel LeDû & Lisa Maria Marquis

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    Up next in our Meet the Author series, we’re switching things up just a little! You may have already gotten to know Katel LeDû and Lisa Maria Marquis from their previous interviews, so we thought we’d ask them to talk ALL. ABOUT. BOOKS. We’re calling it the Bookends Q&A! Read on for more.

  • Feb 02, 2022

    New! You Should Write a Book by Katel LeDû and Lisa Maria Marquis

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    Writing a book is a career milestone that only the most elite professionals and thought leaders can achieve—right? Wrong! With the right combination of preparation, commitment, and ambition, anyone can (and should) share their professional expertise in a book. Adding your voice to the conversation leads to a stronger, more inclusive tech industry. Read on for more.