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New! You Should Write a Book by Katel LeDû and Lisa Maria Marquis

Feb 02, 2022

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Writing a book is a career milestone that only the most elite professionals and thought leaders can achieve—right? Wrong! With the right combination of preparation, commitment, and ambition, anyone can (and should) share their professional expertise in a book. Adding your voice to the conversation leads to a stronger, more inclusive tech industry.

Whether you want to work with a publisher or on your own, Katel LeDû and Lisa Maria Marquis walk you through crafting a stellar proposal, break down the reality of writing and editing a manuscript, and demystify the marketing and publishing process—so when you’re ready to contribute, you’ll know what to expect.

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What people are saying about You Should Write a Book

“LeDû and Marquis give you a true gift in this thorough guide through the twists and turns that come with writing and publishing a book. This funny, approachable, and comprehensive how-to is a delight to read and accurately captures the journey involved in making the leap to becoming an author.”
Author of We Should Get Together and creator of “Designer to Author”

“This book works because LeDû and Marquis approach the topic with humor and honesty. You’ll come away with no illusions about the challenges (both practical and societal) around writing a book, but also with more than enough encouragement and advice to begin the journey.”
Author of Design for Cognitive Bias

“I have written two books and I am here to tell you: writing a book is the worst. But what if the kindest, smartest, most insightful editors guided you through the whole process? LeDû and Marquis will show you everything you need to know about how to make your ideas into an actual book. With guidance like that, I promise, it’s worth it!”
Author of Going Responsive and founder of Autogram

“With a mix of pep talks, how-tos, and behind-the-scenes insights, prospective authors can take what they need and file the rest away as food for thought. You Should Write a Book succeeds in making book authorship—from concept to marketing—more accessible to more people.”
Technology writer and newsletter editor


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