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đź‘€ Sneak a peak at new titles coming this fall!

Jul 22, 2021

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Fresh This Fall
We’ve been working on more new books with amazing authors, and we couldn’t wait to tell you about what’s coming up!

On August 3rd, Design for Safety launches. Eva PenzeyMoog explains how even the most well-intentioned design can be weaponized for interpersonal harm. Preorders are now open!

In September, SEO for Everyone, will join our shelves! In this practical, illuminating book, Rebekah Baggs and Chris Coark demystifies the role of SEO—not just in search rankings, but in delivering an excellent user experience. Stay tuned for more details and preorder now!

And in October, we’ll get a treat from Jeremy Wagner in Responsible JavaScript, as he guides us on a mission to use JavaScript more responsibly in an industry that relies on it more than ever.

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