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Preorder You Should Write a Book—from Katel LeDû & Lisa Maria Marquis

Jan 05, 2022

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We’re thrilled to announce You Should Write a Book, a new book by Katel LeDû and Lisa Maria Marquis launching February 2nd!

Katel LeDû and Lisa Maria Marquis are writers, editors, and publishers who know how to create thoughtful, professional books that people want to read. Their experience includes decades of speaking, teaching, consulting, and coaching in the tech industry and beyond. They believe the process of pitching, drafting, editing, publishing, and selling books—particularly in the tech space—should involve humility and humanity. It should open more doors, and for more people, than it closes.

Whether you want to work with a publisher or on your own, You Should Write a Book will help you craft a stellar proposal, break down the reality of writing and editing a manuscript, and demystify the marketing and publishing process—so when you’re ready to contribute, you’ll know what to expect.

Learn more about Katel LeDû and Lisa Maria Marquis, and You Should Write a Book

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