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New! Voice Content and Usability by Preston So

Jun 22, 2021

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Voice Content and Usability

Voice Content and Usability
by Preston So

Interfaces have long been visual affairs, with content confined to the text and images behind our screens. But that’s changing. Humans have started talking to interfaces—and interfaces are talking back.

Now we need to ensure those interfaces can converse effectively, thoughtfully, and naturally. In Voice Content and Usability, Preston So introduces us to the exciting new frontier of voice content design, and the questions that designers, content strategists, and engineers need to answer in order to build richly structured, inclusive communication with the powerful medium of voice.

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What people are saying about Voice Content and Usability

“Preston So brings conversational systems to life with real-world Alexa Skill examples and practical advice for designers of voice interfaces. Learn how to transform web-based content into voice-based content, how to design conversational flow, and how to test before and after deployment. Highly recommended!”
Coauthor of The Conversational Interface and author of Conversational AI

“I've always admired Preston’s ability to both fly high and dive into the weeds when needed. This book soars through the upper altitudes of understanding and planning for voice interfaces, while also peering deep into the intricacies of content and technical implementation—a full view of the future of spoken digital interactions and how we can design them to be fair and effective.”
Chief digital officer of the State of Georgia

“This approachable, practical guide breaks down the complexities of creating and delivering voice content with tremendous grace and clarity. A must for anyone writing, designing, or building voice interfaces today.”
Coauthor of Design for Real Life

“Preston So’s Voice Content and Usability is a fascinating and invaluable guide to the peculiarities and potential of a platform we're only just beginning to understand. I, for one, would not want to work on a voice interface without it.”
Author of Design for Cognitive Bias


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