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New! Inclusive Design Communities by Sameera Kapila

Oct 04, 2022

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What does it mean to be a member of a community? And how do we ensure that our communities—from classrooms to workplaces to meetups—are welcoming to all who want to be a part of them?

Sameera Kapila answers those questions and more by examining how our identities intersect with our design practices. Whether you’re a student, educator, practicing designer, manager, recruiter, mentor, or organizer, you’ll learn to notice subconscious bias, interrogate your values, and actively create welcoming spaces for all. Inclusive Design Communities will empower you to build the design industry you want to see—the one we all deserve.

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What people are saying about Inclusive Design Communities

I have a deep and genuine love for those who can take a complex topic and make it actionable. As the need for more inclusive design communities grows daily, Sameera’s straightforward, intentional approach meets the call. I love this book and I’m a better person for reading it.
Author of Business Thinking for Designers and founder of Second Wave Dive

Whether you’re experienced with or new to diversity, equity, and inclusion work, Inclusive Design Communities is an essential resource. Sameera's caring yet direct approach offers clear steps to evolve our design communities, proposing that we start the work within ourselves. Designers, technologists, human beings: Keep this on your bookshelf for clear-eyed reference and a welcome shift in perspective.
Design leader and strategist

This book is a gift. In these pages, Sameera has sketched out a compelling vision for the design industry’s future. What’s more, she’s given us a map that—if we put in the effort to use it—leads toward a better, more inclusive version of that future.
Author of Responsive Web Design


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