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New Brief! Practical Pair Programming - by Jason Garber

Jul 16, 2020

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Practical Pair Programming on table in paperback and ebook format.
Practical Pair Programming
by Jason Garber

Just what you need to know about pair programming packed in just fifty-nine pages of our newest Brief! Jason Garber’s hands-on guide takes the mystery out of effective pairing. You’ll learn what good pair programming looks like, how to be a better pairing partner, and how to explain the benefits of pair programming to skeptics at your organization. Walk into your next pairing session confident and prepared for the adventure ahead.

Two heads are better than one, especially when it comes to large, mission-critical software projects. This Brief will give you the tools you have been looking for during your pair programming.

Available now: print copies ship in about 5–7 days and ebooks are available for immediate download.

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What people are saying about Practical Pair Programming
Practical Pair Programming demystifies the logistics, benefits, and challenges of pair programming. It’s a must-read for teams new to the methodology pair programming and great for veterans of the practice, too.”
—Joe Moore
Principal software engineering manager at VMware Pivotal Labs

“A practical handbook for developers everywhere! Jason's book is full of great tips on how to master the art of pair programming.”
—Rachel Davies
Author of Agile Coaching