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Dog Days of Summer Special: Extra 15% Off Book Packs

Jul 27, 2017

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Update: sorry, this sale is over!

Did you know that the phrase, “dog days of summer” was never actually about dogs? Boo. Well, we’re feeling the lazy, hazy lateness of the season here and we could use some cooling-off and cheering-up.

While browsing some of our favorite Instagram and Twitter accounts, we realized a bunch of our authors have super awesome dog friends. We thought we’d share a few fun photos AND offer a great deal on book packs.

Get it? Dog days... dog photos... dog pack... book packs. Ok, ok, sorry, the heat is getting to us. Do us a favor: enjoy pics of our furry friends and take advantage of these great book pack savings now through Sunday—just use code DOGDAYS at checkout!

Doggos clockwise from top left: Zero (owner Mat Marquis; photo by lead editor Lisa Maria Martin), Rupert (owner Erika Hall), Beedie (owner Karen McGrane), Maple (owner Dan Brown), Digby (owner Chris Coyier), and Hugo (owner Katel LeDu, CEO ABA).

Collage of dog photos