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Authors Answer: What are you up to now?

Jan 22, 2019

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We have an ever-expanding list of authors, which—is super exciting, and—means that when we pause to ask them what they’re up to, we end up with a list of all sorts of interesting projects and events. To kick off our Authors Answer series for 2019, we decided to ask them where we can find their work beyond books, right now!

Geri Coady, author of Color Accessibility Workflows, is organizing an entire conference! If you can swing by Nottingham, UK from January 23 to 25, snag a ticket to New Adventures now.

Speaking of New Adventures, Ethan Marcotte, author of Responsive Web Design, and Jeremy Keith, author of Going Offlineare speaking at the conference! Ethan will look at the tech industry's ethical, moral, and political crises, and inspire you to ask yourself what kind of work you want to do. Jeremy will kick off the conference with Building, a talk on some of the most influential ideas from architecture that have crossed over into the web.

Erika Hall, author of Conversational Design, recently reflected on the National Audubon Society redesign four years later in “The Invisible, Imperative Aspects of Design.”

Author of Sass for Web DesignersDan Cedarholm, makes outside stuff for inside people, including this super-cool Advencher Log—a letterpress pocket notebook to document your outdoor explorations.

Lara Hogan, author of Demystifying Public Speaking, added a second date to her upcoming workshop after the first one sold out! Join her for Demystifying Management in New York City on April 26. In the workshop, she'll cover management tactics and articulating what you bring to management, plus include lots of chances to practice leadership skills. 

Wondering how to get a design system up and running quickly? Read “Starting a Design System” by Dan Mall, author of Pricing Design, for his top tips!

Sara Wachter-Boettcher, author of Design for Real Life, keeps busy! Strong Feelings—the podcast she co-hosts with ABA's very own Katel LeDû—kicked off season four last week, and inspired by the guests on her podcast so far, she shared nine lessons from women entrepreneurs, authors, and activists to motivate you in 2019. She also recently presented on Toxic Tech, which you can watch of recording of now, and is keynoting UX Copenhagen in March! 

Tim Brown is offering a free ebook version of his book, Flexible Typesetting, to educators through the end of January, plus an invitation into the private Slack group where readers can share ideas about lesson plans. Check out the details and find out how to sign up.

Author of Practical Design Discovery, Dan Brown shared his top writing tips on the EightShapes blog, and “The White Man's Guide to Professional Conversation is a good read too.

Content Strategist and author of Writing for Designers, Scott Kubie, is speaking at Interaction 19 in Seattle next month. His presentation is on getting your writing done—just like his book—so we bet it'll be full of helpful tips!

Chris Coyier, author of Practical SVG, launched a redesign over at CSS-Tricks this month.

Rachel Andrew, author of The New CSS Layout, will help you take your CSS skills to the next level. She rounds up tutorials, news, and information in her weekly newsletter, CSS Layout, and has a series of CSS workshops you can sign up for too!

Plus, several ABA authors—Chris Coyier, Dan Mall, Eric Meyer, Jeremy Keith, Luke Wroblewski, Rachel Andrew, and Scott Jehl—are presenting at An Event Apart Seattle in March! Grab your seat while you still can.