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Don’t struggle with writing—get the writing done.

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From product documentation to menu labels to marketing emails, writing for the web can feel challenging—even insurmountable. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Whether you’re new to writing or looking to hone your skills, Scott Kubie’s guide will empower you to get organized and get going. Learn to scope and articulate writing assignments, build a repeatable workflow, and develop methods for productive editing, collaboration, version control, and delivery. Don't struggle with writing—get the writing done.

What Are Briefs?

Briefs are ebook-only guides to essential fundamentals, of-the-moment techniques, or deep nerdery on a single aspect of a topic. Whatever the book, you’re only a quick break away from learning vital, practical know-how.


  1. Prepare
  2. Compose
  3. Edit
  4. Finish

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    Supports Kindle, iBooks, Nook and most other readers and devices.


What People Are Saying

  • In Writing for Designers, Scott Kubie is part instructor, part cheerleader. His approach to planning for and writing content is both practical and accessible (and he’s damn funny to boot). Stop being hamstrung by missing content and read this book!

  • Too often, we don’t think of text and writing as part of our design process, but this book proves that they very much are. With a design-thinking approach, Scott offers a unique perspective on how to make the most out of your written communication, and how to reach your audience in a more effective way.

  • We’ve all faced the challenges of content design, and this brief (but jam-packed) book provides tips and techniques that fit nicely in any designer’s tool belt. Relatable, practical, and lighthearted, Scott’s approach will help you overcome writing hurdles.

About the Author

Scott Kubie is a designer and digital strategist living in Minneapolis, where he works as lead content strategist at Brain Traffic. His first bit of published writing was a fan letter in the LEGO catalog. Scott can be found online at kubie.co and in person at various grungy rock clubs around the Twin Cities. Since 2010, Scott has delivered over sixty public talks and workshops on writing, content strategy, and user experience design for audiences of designers, developers, marketers, artists, makers, and more. He loves a good framework and finding ways to make esoteric design topics a bit more practical.

Additional Info

  • ISBN: 978-1-937557-79-9
  • PDF: 65 pages
  • Published: Oct 16, 2018

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