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Preorder Now: Surviving Change at Work from Vanessa Gennarelli

Aug 10, 2023

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The light blue cover of Surviving Change at Work next to a photo of Vanessa Gennarelli, a white woman smiling and wearing glasses.

We’re really excited to announce Surviving Change at Work, a new book by Vanessa Gennarelli, launching September 12!

Vanessa Gennarelli is the principal of Fortuna, a change management firm, and the chief operating officer for Raise.dev. She has led cross-functional teams at rapidly growing organizations—and while at one of the largest tech companies on the planet, she learned how to navigate cultural differences, integrate new processes, and help direct reports thrive through change.

And in our industry, change is inevitable. It’s often uncomfortable and sometimes chaotic—but it can also bring clarity, awareness, and a renewed sense of purpose. If this is your first (or second, or even third!) rodeo in a tech job, and you’re wondering how to stay upright amid the tumult, Vanessa is here to help. In her essential new book, she brings to bear years of hard-earned expertise, sharing extensive research, case studies, and practical exercises to help you find clarity as you drive toward the next step in your tech career.

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