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Preorder Design for Safety—from Eva PenzeyMoog

Jun 30, 2021

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Design for Safety

by Eva PenzeyMoog

We’re thrilled to announce Design for Safety, a new book by Eva PenzeyMoog launching August 3rd!

Eva PenzeyMoog is a user experience and safety designer and founder of The Inclusive Safety Project. Her safety design work brings together her expertise in domestic violence and tech, helping technologists understand how their creations facilitate interpersonal harm and how to prevent it through intentionally prioritizing the most vulnerable users.

In Design for Safety, Eva explains how even the most well-intentioned design can be weaponized for interpersonal harm. Learn how to identify a design’s potential for abuse, how to avoid and mitigate damage, and how to develop a safety-minded design process.

Preorder now, available Aug 3rd.

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