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New: Second Edition of “Get Ready for CSS Grid Layout”

Aug 31, 2019

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Second edition of Get Ready for CSS Grid Layout, in ebook and print

By the time CSS Grid Layout was supported by all major browsers in 2017, Rachel Andrew had already thoroughly parsed the spec and, with the release of the first edition of Get Ready for CSS Grid Layout in 2016, helped legions of readers put the new two-dimensional layout system to work in their designs.

CSS Grid Layout, also known simply as Grid, tamed CSS’ longtime Achilles’ heel: layout. Now that the technique has matured, Rachel is back with a fresh survey of the landscape—what’s new in the spec, and what’s next for Grid.


Get up to speed with Level 2 of the specification, which addresses some limitations in the first version of Grid. Learn about the power and potential of subgrid, which makes lining nested grid items up with the main grid straightforward. Play with updated examples and use the code Rachel links to as a springboard for your own explorations. And perhaps most important: equip yourself with knowledge so you can offer feedback on web-platform features, log bugs, and help push the specification forward.

Now available in ebook and print on demand!