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New! Immersive Content and Usability by Preston So

Apr 18, 2023

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Immersive Content and Usability by Preston So

From stone tablets to paper pages to backlit screens, humans have always created and shaped content to fit the containers available to us. But increasingly, the lines between our physical and digital surroundings are blurring—and we need to design usable and accessible content for an ever-expanding array of contexts.

Preston So guides designers, content strategists, and engineers on a journey through the emerging realm of immersive content design. Learn to create incisive and inclusive user-centered experiences across augmented, extended, and virtual realities, transforming the physical world into an exciting new canvas for content.

On sale now: paperbacks ship within 48 hours and ebooks are available for immediate download.

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What people are saying about the Immersive Content and Usability

“Preston So guides design practitioners through an inspiring and actionable journey, traversing between digital rectangles and the physical world. An excellent primer to crafting contextually aware experiences of value, this book equips readers with the essentials needed for creating welcoming, useful, and empowering content.”

Director of design at Meta

“Preston So unpacks a complex and formidable topic and examines it in an engaging and inviting way. Throughout Immersive Content and Usability, So inspires us to use content to create better pathways of connection with information and each other—in real and virtual worlds, and in between.”

Executive creative director of the Los Angeles Design Festival

“Preston leads the way through a thorny thicket of immersive technologies and into the nutritious fruits of inclusive design and equitable experience creation. I yelled “Yes!” out loud as I read this inspiring and accessible book. I think you will too.”

Senior technical experience designer at Electronic Arts and associate professor of design at CSU, San Bernardino