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New Brief! Presenting Design Work - by Donna Spencer

Oct 19, 2020

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Presenting Design Work
by Donna Spencer

Presenting Design Work is the blueprint for a winning design presentation—one that conveys confidence, communicates your vision, and nets you frustration-free feedback you can actually use. Brimming with real-world expertise, Presenting Design Work will reshape how you share your work with clients, colleagues, and stakeholders, consistently leading you to better project results.

Available now: print copies ship in about 5–7 days and ebooks are available for immediate download.

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What people are saying about Presenting Design Work

“Donna’s expertise and experience shine through in this practical guide to presenting design work. By using stories and examples that are easy to relate to, she connects with our complex fears and sometimes misguided goals around why we present our work. Donna shows us why we need to think of presentations less as a validation of our worth than as an invitation to a conversation that will make our work better. This book will change the way you present!”
—Louise Long
Director of service experience and design at the University of Melbourne

“Like a good presentation, Donna Spencer’s guide to presenting design is concise, clear, and full of useful nuggets every designer—or indeed anyone who needs to present their work—should take seriously.”
—Kim Goodwin
Author of Designing for the Digital Age

“Straight to the point, Presenting Design Work delivers essential and practical lessons for anyone new to presenting (design) work, and provides important reminders for even the most seasoned presenter.”
—Susan J. Wolfe
Principal of OE Strategy