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New Brief! Cultivating Design Content

Apr 13, 2021

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Cultivating Content Design gives you the power to fundamentally change your organization’s approach to great content—with the tools and team you already have. With time and a little gumption, you’ll be able to cement your position as a strategic content leader, and create a strong and respected content design practice.

Available now: print copies ship in about 5–7 days and ebooks are available for immediate download.

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What people are saying about Cultivating Content Design

“Beth Dunn is a writer in the same way that Clark Kent reports for the Daily Planet. Her secret superpower goes far beyond the crafting and composition of words; she inspires and orchestrates teams (and customers) to achieve a higher, heroic purpose. This is truly a book about content leadership—inspiring your organization to care and enabling them to create.”
Senior director of product design at Salesforce

“If working in content has ever made you feel overwhelmed, stressed, or stretched thin, read this book. It will show you how to maintain a great content practice by empowering the people around you—while being kind to yourself.”
Director of content design at Upwork

Cultivating Content Design is going to quickly become a beloved guide for any content creators who want to scale their craft. It’s a fun, warm, and highly actionable read.”
Director of employer brand and internal communications at HubSpot

“Like a chat with a witty, insightful friend, this brilliantly written book is full of practical ideas that you can act on right now. A must-read for any content designer, especially those in small teams or a team of one.”
Content design manager at BT

“Getting others to embrace your content design practice can feel like war. Beth Dunn’s kind, thoughtful approach is a Trojan horse that’ll enable you to win friends, influence people, and avoid uphill battles.”
UX content director at Expedia Group

“It’s increasingly critical that everyone working in the field of user experience (regardless of discipline) understand and appreciate the central importance of content design. In this incomparable guidebook, Beth shares a practical approach and the essential skills to navigate your role in the field.”
Chief product officer at HubSpot