A Book Apart

We’re hiring!

Jan 24, 2012

Update: The response to all three job posts has been incredible! Thank you to everyone who applied; you will hear from us very soon. Applications are now closed.

A Book Apart has successfully published six books, among them some of the best books on web design to date. And we’re working to redefine publishing, with a model that heavily rewards our authors, and directly serves the web design community.

But that means we also need help. We have immediate need for several part-time freelance positions. These gigs are remote — you can be anywhere in the world, and work any time of day, provided you are available for regular Skype calls with our core team in New York.

Production Assistant

We publish short books, and we publish them fast — much faster than most publishers can take a book from manuscript to release. The production assistant will help us move quickly, by keeping a schedule, trafficking and organizing files, and generally keeping the print and ebook production processes moving along.

We’re looking for someone with excellent organizational skills and a love of good books. Experience in book production (especially ePub workflow) is swell, but so is applicable experience from another field.

This role is paid hourly, and will consume in the neighborhood of 10 hours a month.

Customer Advocate

Our readers are our favorite people, and our customer advocates are our front line in helping them when they need it. This role involves responding to customer inquiries (via email or Twitter; we use Assistly to keep everything organized), as well as standing up for our readers and helping us craft and implement policies that benefit them.

The ideal advocate has solid writing abilities and a natural inclination to empathize with our readers.

This role is paid hourly, and will consume in the neighborhood of 10-15 hours a month; hours can spike when we release a new book, but are otherwise steady.

Editorial Assistant

We work with incredibly talented writers and maintain a high editorial standard. The editorial assistant will help with proofreading and copyediting, serving as an extra pair of eyes on the books as they move from manuscript to production and out to all of the various devices (Kindle, iPad, etc.) on which our books are read.

Editorial experience is a must; knowledge of web design (as a designer, content strategist, or developer) is preferred. Bonus points if you have experience as an indexer (or are interested in learning the trade).

As with our other roles, this role is paid hourly, and will consume circa 10-15 hours a month.

If any of this sounds like something you might be interested in, please email mandy@abookapart.com with a short note saying who you are and why you want the role. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Sorry! Applications are now closed.