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A few of our faves: May 14

May 14, 2014

May kicks off with a petite roundup that’s short and sweet:

  • Mike Monteiro won the 2014 Net Awards Conference Talk of the Year, for his talk “How Designers Destroyed the World” — whoa, we are so proud! If you haven’t seen it, do. Now. You can check it out over on Webstock’s wonderful site.
  • Designation.io does a fantastic interview with the lovely Ethan Marcotte on being the founder of Responsive Web Design, how he got started, and his thoughts on the future of digital design.
  • Scott Jehl sat down with Jeffrey Zeldman to discuss responsive images, Picturefill, and web standards. Don’t miss it, they talk about everything from shim versus polyfill to balancing company projects and open source, community projects.

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