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A few of our faves: April 11

Apr 11, 2014

With an extra hour of sunshine on our faces these days, we hand-picked a few things for this month’s first roundup:

  • In case you didn’t “hear” (get it!?) Mike Monteiro’s book Design Is a Job, is now available in audiobook format! Find out how to listen.
  • We teamed up with Skillcrush to help spread web and digital literacy to even more people. Currently registered students: look out for a special offer from us!
  • Our friends at A List Apart wrote a great little piece on the Heartbleed issue, and how it affects you. Don’t miss this!
  • Mobile First author Luke Wroblewski starts the conference year off with a bang, covering speakers at An Event Apart, and more. Check out his stellar notes.
  • We love when things are short and sweet. Like when Scott Jehl encourages us to enjoy a moment in nature, and go outside, on The Pastry Box Project.

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