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We’ve got a crush on Skillcrush

Mar 12, 2014

We believe wholeheartedly in web literacy and education — that’s why we’re supporting Skillcrush in their efforts to help more people learn digital skills. For the past year and a half, founder and CEO Adda Birnir has been providing approachable, flexible, and affordable online classes geared toward kickstarting a digital career.

We’re pleased to help Skillcrush announce their most recent addition: Career Blueprints. The new programs offer hands-on guidance for learning critical skills like: how to launch and maintain a website, manage a digital project, and effectively communicate about designing and building for the web.

Register for the web design blueprint and get access to in-depth course material, and our very own Design Is a Job by Mike Monteiro, for the duration of class. Students will also receive a special store discount — but hurry, the next program starts Monday, March 17!