A Book Apart

Unicorn Institute Kickstarter: brand new, limited-edition reward!

Feb 12, 2014

In case you missed the Unicorn Institute’s meteoric funding on Kickstarter, you’ve got to see what they’re up to.

Surpassing and doubling their original goal in the first 24 hours meant that Jared Spool and Dr. Leslie Jensen-Inman immediately started rallying for an incredible stretch goal of bringing on faculty sooner, and opening school sooner!

So here’s the deal. We’re BIG fans of the Unicorn Institute and the team making it happen. And now we’re beyond proud to support their project as part of a brand new limited-edition backing reward! Start your own Unicorn Library with the starter kit, including fantastic resources from A Book Apart, Rosenfeld Media, and New Riders, as well as the Sketchbook Sketchbook and the Usability Testing Pocket Guide.

Go to Unicorn Institute’s Kickstarter site to find out more about the project, check out all the amazing backing rewards, and learn how to pledge!