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  • May 23, 2019

    Get to Know Lisa Maria Martin

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    Up next in our series, we get to know Lisa Maria Martin—author of our latest book, Everyday Information Architecture. She shares the characteristics she admires most in creative people, the poets she’s inspired by, and what she finds challenging about working remotely. Read on for more.

  • May 01, 2019

    Read The Elements of Content Strategy book for free!

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    Just over eight years ago, we published the third title in our collection—a book that would change the content strategy landscape for years to come. Erin Kissane’s The Elements of Content Strategy stands the test of time in any format—print or digital—and now, we’re beyond delighted to make it available on the web. We’re celebrating the launch of the Elements book website, with a super wonderful Q&A with Erin. Read on for more.

  • Feb 21, 2019

    Q&A with Dan B. and Dan C.

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    This week, we’re celebrating two book anniversaries (bookiversaries?) for CSS3 for Web Designers and Practical Design Discovery. And what better timing than now, to get to know the authors a little better! Read on for Q&As with the authors.

  • Feb 06, 2019

    Get to Know David Demaree

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    This week we’re celebrating three years of David Demaree’s Git for Humans. Since you can get to know the book anytime by reading it, we decided to ask David some questions to get to know him a bit better! He shares how he organizes his work each day, why he thinks the web has as much revolutionary potential today as it did in the ’90s, and why sometimes shorter is definitely better.  Read on for more.

  • Nov 29, 2018

    Get to Know Jason Grigsby

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    Up next in our series, we get to know Jason Grigsby—author of our latest book, Progressive Web Apps. He shares how he handles his daily to-do list, what he thinks tech needs more of, and the one thing he must have to get through the week. Read on for more.